Saudi Arabia continues to offer attractive proposals to international franchisees seeking to expand their business operations. In order to ensure future economic growth and reduce dependence on oil exports, the Saudi government encourages private sector’s growth in new industries and has recently joined the World Trade Organization to encourage foreign investment. Saudi Arabia's main trading partners include the United States, Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, Taiwan, Singapore, Italy and the United Kingdom.
• The Saudi franchise sector has become one of the fastest growing non-oil sectors in Saudi Arabia with an acceleration rate of 27%
• Currently, franchise branches in Saudi Arabia have exceeded 15,000 in both international and foreign franchises.
• The market value of the franchise in the Middle East and Africa is US $ 30 billion, 50% of that is the Saudi part
The business district brings together potential buyers and investors for franchises, partnerships and other investment opportunities. Hosting a wide range of strong local business and brands targeting international transition and/or local expansion.