Exhibition Objectives 

1- Meeting businessmen and investors to close agreements and trade exchange.
2- An opportunity for entrepreneurs to own successful projects through investment via brands.
3- Finding agents and distributors inside Saudi Arabia and out.
4-An opportunity to get the support provided by government agencies for small and medium enterprises.
5- An opportunity to obtain financing for projects and brands through the financing services provided at the exhibition.
6- Meeting suppliers and service providers
7- Promotion of the Franchise industry, which keeps pace with the Kingdom's national transformation according to Vision 2030.
8 - Open the way for investors and young entrepreneurs to obtain local and international opportunities.
9 - An opportunity for national brands to spread inside and outside the Kingdom.
10- Providing and displaying suitable commercial real estate opportunities as trademark sites
11- An opportunity for legal and marketing companies to offer their services
12. Paying attention to the awareness and knowledge of franchise through workshops and dialogue sessions.
13. An opportunity for business exchange through the presence of trademark donors and investors.
14 - Presenting successful experiences in the field of franchise to benefit from its expertise.
15 - The opportunity of meeting companies concerned with operating systems for franchise works.