Why Saudi Arabia?

1. Diversity
- Saudi Arabia launched the vision of 2030, which aims to improve its business environment and economic performance, by setting clear priorities, and a strong understanding among all relevant aspects. Stakeholders, serious commitments to take advantage of private investment
- The implementation of the Kingdom's project was elaborated through 12 programs to achieve the vision, which represents a unique roadmap for the country
- The availability of strategy and developments, in addition to the positive fundamentals of the Saudi economy, provide an unprecedented opportunity for investors, willing to grow their assets and achieve success worldwide
- The many growing sectors in Saudi Arabia, such as entertainment, IT and financial services, will open up new challenges, promising high returns for all investors.

2. Taking advantage of opportunities:
- The government has launched a major privatization program aimed at opening state-owned assets and increasing the participation of private investors
- The domiciliation of the value chain, which includes local and international parties, is another building block of the Saudi Vision 2030, which offers great opportunities for investors.
- Large-scale and complex projects were launched, globally unique in scope and ambition, with the aim of transforming the Saudi economy and stimulating the growth of the country.
- Government initiatives in various areas such as ease of doing business, social and cultural participation, and the review of financial balance, the Kingdom's undeniable commitment to improving the entire business environment

3. Investment Advantages:
- Saudi Arabia enjoys a strategic natural location linking three different continents, creating a central focal point for all international investors
- The Red Sea accounts for 13% of global trade flows and the largest sea port on the Red Sea is the second fastest growing market in the world, making the Kingdom a vital logistics center for all global trade professions.
- Significant efforts are already being made to improve the transport network, with the ultimate goal of improving local facilities and cross-border connections, as well as ensuring the highest level of service for the entire logistics system
- A key enabler for achieving Vision 2030 is the development of an effective digital IT infrastructure, which requires the cooperation of the private sectors in various areas such as telecommunications, cloud computing, high-speed broadband and digital transformation.